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Cadence PVS (Physical Verification System)


Cadence® Physical Verification System(PVS) 是由 EDA 軟體商 Cadence 所提出之新一代晶片驗証工具,它不僅能使用於類比/數位/混合訊號之設計平台,如 Virtuoso IC Layout Platform、Encounter,且更與寄生參數萃取軟體整合,如 QRC,以萃取佈局後寄生參數,提供使用者在晶片後段驗証的完整解決方案。

隨著半導體製程微縮的發展趨勢,晶片後段驗証 (Back-end Verification) 所耗費的處理時間與複雜度不斷提昇的情況下,Cadence® Physical Verification System (PVS) 驗証工具,憑其線性化的優異性能表現 (Performance),不僅能減少運算處理時的等待時間;另外其創新的即時偵錯 (Time-To-Error) 功能,即時偵錯已運算完成部份,讓使用者不再浪費時間等待運算結果,再者,其新創的人性化圖形除錯界面 (Graphic LVS Debug Interface ) 及互動式短路偵察系統 (Interactive Short Locator),不僅能有效彌補偵錯經驗不足的困擾,更能有效縮短來回除錯所耗費的時間 (Turn Around Time),以提昇工程師的效率及晶片產出。

此外,Cadence® Physical Verification System (PVS) 不僅同時支援 GDSII 與 Open-Access 的格式,亦相容於目前工業界標準的驗証語言,以降低工程師跨平台使用上的額外工作與難度。

Physical Verification System (PVS) 流程圖

Physical Verification System (PVS) 後段驗証解決方案

Physical Verification System (PVS) 特點


Easy to use one window interface

Time to error

- Error Browser will pop up and allow viewing of errors while job is still running

Standard DRC Browsing capabilities

- By Cell/ By Rule

Error Waivers

- Persistent and loadable in subsequent runs

Time To Error

Error Browser will pop up and allow viewing of errors while job is still running.


Rapidly identifies complex LVS mismatches

Graphic LVS Debug accelerates identification of complex LVS mismatches in chip designs

- Compares logical and physical design using a common schematic representation

- Guides navigation using design errors

- Can be launched with LVS debug environment, and graphical elements can be probed through the LVS debug environment

- All errors and warnings are easily navigated and show surrounding context

Strong functionalities and flexible usability

Error Tags

World view or detail view

Filter net, devices for better understanding of error

Drill down for more information on points of interest


LVS Hyper debugger - Graphical LVS Debug

LVS debug is extremely time-consuming and experience dependent

Limitation of current tools

- Static error report in batch mode, contain large data, difficult to understand

- Errors in text report hard to identify relationship

- User cannot actively query more information on points of interest

- Not allow easy navigation of the original design

Bind-key - Cadence Composor like

One-pass short isolation

Locating shorts found in old-fashion LVS comparison report requires

- Additional manual work

- Additional LVS extraction and comparison runs

PVS approach facilitates one-pass short isolation for cell / block / full-chip designs

- Run time typically <10% of extraction time and scales up to 5x with 8 CPUs

- Start debugging while run is in progress as soon as first results are available

Interactive Short Locator - Comparison with and without the Interactive Short Locator

PVS to QRC interface

Fully solution for back-end verification

Support Cadence QRC flow to complete post-layout simulation

No additional licenses required to enable flow

Provides complete QRC GUI support

TECHLIB feature makes PVS QRC flow easy to use

Batch / interactive use model

Support Spice, SPEF, DSPF, extracted view, etc. flows

Parity of flow between PVS / Assura = easy transition